Trendy flamingo crafts

A lot of my crafts recently have been something that I make for one or both of my kids. I have been so inspired lately by the flamingo trend that has hit stores that I want ALL the flamingo things! Unfortunately, that’s not in the budget to buy everything and besides, I love to put my own personal stamp on a project. Usually I’m just out running errands or sneaking into Hobby Lobby for the 5th time this week, when I spot something new that I’d love to make myself.

Today I want to share a quick and simple mini bag that I decorated for Sweet Pea (with an easy tutorial) and then I’ll show a cute mini canvas that we made based off a onesie that I saw.

On one of those visits to Hobby Lobby I had found these super cute mini bags. I knew that they wouldn’t hold much, but they are just the right size for my toddler. So I grabbed these, and I’ll plan out some other ideas for the other bags over the summer. Sweet Pea will have 4 great “purses” to pick from (and match her outfits) and be able to carry a small snack or toy with her when we go out.



I grabbed a basic flamingo silhouette from the internet and traced it onto a scrap piece of paper. I use this kind of search a lot for various projects, it’s a great way to get the shape of almost anything so that you can add an image to a variety of surfaces.



I love this technique, especially since I don’t keep any transfer paper on hand and it uses something we have readily available. Turn the paper over and use the side of a pencil point to scribble over the back of your design. If you have a larger design, just make sure to get the lines of the design (you don’t need to fill in the center portions unless there is details that you’ll be transferring over too). Flip the paper back to the front and place it on your project. Then just use a pencil or pen to trace over the lines. When you’re done, you should have a light outline of your silhouette on your project.



Since I am just adding a little decoration to this mini bag, I decided to outline the flamingo with a regular black sharpie marker. At this point, I could have left it as it was, but I thought that it needed to have a different look.


I have two options, to fill in the flamingo and leave it as a silhouette, or to make a reverse silhouette. I mean, a flamingo in our house is pink, so that was a natural choice for me! I decided to make the reverse silhouette and call the bag done!




So cute and it didn’t cost much to make this super trendy little bag for my little girl.

Anyways, back to my other project, a mini art canvas that I made with Sweet Pea. I had seen this adorable onesie while picking up some other “necessary” items from the store. (I tried to link from the online store, I could never find it though!) Unfortunately, it was only in baby sizes and as much as I loved it, I just couldn’t justify buying it since it would not be worn. Besides, I thought it might look cuter as a decoration for the house/baby’s room. I don’t have a tutorial for this because it’s hard enough to chase after a toddler on a normal day; trying to photograph the steps while working with an active toddler who wants to play with mommy’s craft supplies is even harder! This small canvas is just created with my thumbprint and Sweet Pea’s thumbprint dipped in some pink ink (paint would have also worked) and a fine tip sharpie marker. Then i just added the details with the marker. The original also had “stay small” beneath the flamingos, I just haven’t decided if I want that added on, for now I love the design as it is!

Flamingo thumbprints

Well, there’s two of my most recent crafts. I’ve also been working on a couple digi scrapbook pages so I’ll see if I can get those finished up to share here too!


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