Quick and easy teacher gift

School just ended for Bugs and I was struggling to come up with a cute but simple end of school gift for his teacher. Earlier in the year, I volunteered in the class for an ice cream party so I kept going back to the idea of something themed for her present. Enter Target to the rescue! There were some really cute, inexpensive ice cream bowls and cups that just called to me. They’re kinda retro complete with the colors available so I went with it.



The cup and spoons were part of the same collection. I grabbed the ice cream scoop from the kitchen gadgets (great that there was a similar color) and I had some leftover paper straws from a previous project.


I added in a gift card, since ice cream can be such a personal choice sometimes and would obviously melt before she enjoy it. I packaged it all into a coordinating bag and was done!


Milkshake cup

Ice cream spoons (I bought the long spoons but these are the short ones)

Ice cream scoop

Paper Straws (similar to what I had already)

What do you love to gift to teachers?


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