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Scrapbook page organization

Google Music has recently introduced podcasts to its music player. I used to follow several podcasts when I used iTunes on my computer, but for many years now, I’ve been using my phone for most of my internet connection. Since I love my Android based phone, I didn’t have a way to carry those podcasts over and just did without. However, I have been reintroducing myself to those podcasts from past years and I love it!

One of those podcasts is Paperclipping Roundtable, a scrapbook based discussion on a variety of topics with some of the best in the industry. Since I had fallen (way) behind, I was catching up on several of these episodes and enjoyed one in particular that is going to help me with my scrapbook page organization.

I have been struggling to get my scrapbook pages off the computer (I’m pretty much a digi scrapper these days) and in episode 262, Stacy Julian talks about how she organizes her albums. She calls her system “Library of Memories” and places finished layouts into albums based on one of a few themes. She also mixes up the order of her layouts within the album to avoid having anything in a chronological order.

I plan on starting with a few books, one for before Mr. and I were married, one for before the kids and one for each kiddo. After I finish layouts, I’ll be able to get them printed and put them into albums. Hopefully this should get me scrapping more and not getting stuck with “catching up.” I can work on the photos that inspire me to scrap and the stories that I want to tell and then work through the BIG backlog of photos just sitting around!


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