Purple Mini Tote Update

I hope everyone has been keeping cool so far this summer. Here, we’ve been experiencing record heat and it’s keeping us all inside. So I’ve taken some of that time to work on some items on the “to do” list. One is making some more cute bags for Sweet Pea and this cute tote uses some of my fabric scraps. I like working with the ruffle fabric because it looks fancy but I don’t have to spend the time making the individual ruffles.

Supplies: mini tote bag (I got mine in a 4 pack from Hobby Lobby), scrap ruffle fabric, thread


I placed the fabric, ruffle side up and used the bag to measure where the one side seam would be going.

purple tote step1

Here’s a closer look. I pinned the side where I would be stitching (this fabric is a little stretchy so I didn’t worry much about seam allowance this time).

purple tote step2

I slid the bag out and stitched. Stitch down (so the ruffles will lay correctly once it’s done) and trim the excess fabric.

purple tote step3

Flip it so the ruffles are now outside. This made a tube that should just slip onto the bag again.

purple tote step4

Lift the top ruffle up and pin underneath to the top of the bag. I hand stitched as close to the top as possible.

purple tote step5

Step back and admire the work! A super cute bag for the little girl’s (growing) collection.

purple tote

I’d love to see your newest craft. Let me know what you’ve been working on!

I’ve linked up to the party.

The Happy ScrapsSave


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