What are you listening to?

phone earbuds

I recently mentioned that I started listening to podcasts again, now that Google music has added that feature to their app. And now I have an even bigger reason to love podcasts. Young House Love has a brand new podcast (appropriately named), Young House Love Has a Podcast! I have enjoyed reading their blog for several years and was sad when they decided to stop writing (however, I could appreciate that it was so they could focus on family).

I have loved how they designed their houses in a family friendly way without compromising their style. And that their family friendly style does not mean that toys have to be everywhere all the time. I know I’m still trying to figure out my personal design style as I try to decorate our home and I know that as much as I love my kids, I don’t need their toys to take over all the spaces! So while they talked about decluttering on their most recent podcast, I was thinking (again) about how “messy” the family room is right now. This means it must be time to rethink the storage in this room and be productive about how we deal with the mess at the end of the day!

Anyways, if you haven’t tried podcasts, I suggest looking through your streaming music app to find one with your interests. There’s tons out there! And if you already listen to podcasts, what are you listening to? I’d love to try some more new ones!


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