Completed Pinterest Crafts

Today I thought I would share some earlier projects I’ve completed. I don’t have the tutorials but the sites with the original idea usually have one.

Lollipop Tree

One of my favorite projects is this lollipop tree. I actually have done a couple of these in different sizes. My first was very similar to the original but I have also used those tin pails (like from Target One Spot) and a mini pail for a party prize. Find the tutorial at Meet the Dubiens – Lollipop Tree.

Letter Blocks Letter Blocks - close up

These letter blocks are still a favorite in our house. My son loves to come up with the word of the month/event/season. This is our most versatile decoration because we can change it whenever we feel like it, decorate around it with anything sitting around and feel like we’ve accomplished something! Tutorial at Whimsikel.


Our  family calendar is based off another pin. I actually enjoy writing the month’s upcoming events and activities on the calendar. My tip if you want to add the days of the week – print the words out in reverse and put it down on the glass so you can write on the back in Sharpie. I did have the abbreviated days for a little while but decided it was too cramped for my aesthetic. I easily removed the days with a swipe of nail polish remover on a q-tip. Bonus: I take a photo of the calendar at the end of the month so I can remember what we did when I go to scrapbook. Inspired by the calendar at Just a Girl. (I’m sure there’s tutorials out there but this happened to be the one I had pinned. I’m more than happy to demonstrate this if anyone wants to do their own calendar!)

Have you completed any projects from your Pinterest boards? What is your favorite thing you checked off the “to do” list?





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