7 Travel Sanity Savers

The worst part of vacation? Having to go home. This year we traveled to New England to visit family and it was such a blast! The weather was perfect (and a difference from our hot Arizona heat) and we were able to go outside everyday and relax or let the kids play in the grass.

Even though our flights were delayed getting out there, both kids were great. I was worried about the baby having a long day and being trapped on a plane but she really showed us that she’s also a great traveler. It probably helped that I was so prepared (maybe over prepared?). So I thought I’d share some of my sanity savers from this trip or items that we’ve been traveling with since my son was a baby.

7 travel sanity savers - when I fly with the kids I bring these items to keep the day running smoothly

1. Baby Banz – great to block out the noise for babits and young kids and help them sleep. 2. Kids headphones – volume limiting to protect their hearing. 3. Triangular Crayola crayons – these can’t roll around. 4. Power bank (similar) – I’ve had mine for a while but it’s great for those times you need a little more charge for your phone/tablet and can’t access an outlet. 5. Contigo water bottle – I bring an empty water bottle through security and then fill it up before getting on the plane. 6. Kind bar – I enjoy these snacks even when I’m not traveling but they are great for that extra boost of energy on long travel days. 7. GoGo Squeez – small enough to pass through security and healthy for the kiddos. *these are not affiliate links, I just really like these products!*

What are your “must haves” when traveling? Do you have any tips for traveling with kids?


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