Home Decor

Artwork Gallery Wall Redo

As the end of our summer quickly approaches, we’re trying to check off some of those pesky to do list items. One thing that Mr wanted to do was rearrange our bedroom. I wasn’t sure at first but I was willing to see the vision he had in mind.

Now, I like the way the furniture is placed however, there’s an issue with how the smaller items in the room are positioned. And then there was the wall. I had worked on creating a gallery wall of sorts that used to be above the bed after the furniture moved. I just didn’t like having all these things over my head (especially when the kids decide to bounce on the bed). I chose to move the frames over across from the bed to a shorter wall which also meant paring down the selection. Now I’m stuck. It just isn’t quite right and I’m looking for some new suggestions. Here’s the before and the current after photo:


I like the idea of getting or making something that doesn’t stay with the rectangular frame shape. I’m not sure if that would be a different frame or something else though. I’m also open to rearranging the frames on the wall again too. What would you do? Is there a different way you’d arrange the frames or bring something over that I eliminated? Maybe you have a suggestion of how I can fill in the blank spaces? Let me know!


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