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Olympic Excitement

It has been a crazy week around here. My son started school again (we begin this early to hopefully avoid the heat…). I still can’t believe he’s a 4th grader now, seems like yesterday he was going off to his first day of kindergarten. But of course with a new school year comes finding that daily routine. And my sweet baby girl wasn’t feeling well so I spent an extra day cuddling her. She’s finally getting back to her normal which means causing trouble being a curious toddler.

With the changes to this past week, I didn’t have much time to get a new project done but don’t worry! I’m not empty handed. Before vacation, Bugs and I created a shirt that was great for the 4th of July. It is also great to celebrate the Olympics and root for Team USA. It was an easy process, I just laid a paper mask of the letters down and let my son roughly paint over the top. I had some leftover white fabric paint spray that I spritzed on before lifting the paper off.

20160627_161714 copy

20160703_104625 copy


Also, for the Olympics, I created a bingo game that the kiddo can play while we enjoy the festivities over the next 2 weeks. He’s been so excited and can’t wait for the opening ceremony or track and field events. I personally love swimming and gymnastics events.

You can download your own bingo board here. Personal use only! (edited: I have fixed the spelling error on the downloadable version!)

Are you going to watch any of the Olympics? What are your favorite events?




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