Now that school is back in session, I’ve started thinking about what the little Miss and I will be doing during the day when the weather cools off. One thing that I used to do with little Man is take him to fun places around town. Parks and a few museums, but I also decided to make use of an annual pass to the zoo. It was perfect for us. He loved getting to visit the zoo often, and I never felt like we had to stay the whole day to get around to all the animals. We could easily stick to one section and escape before the day’s crowds got too big. I also enjoyed that we were able to take those moments to focus on one animal and really get to observe them in their habitat, and even converse with zookeepers, getting info on that particular animal and exhibit.

I recently found the mini book I made that year and thought I’d share some of the pages here. I used a Bo Bunny book and mixed in a couple Clear Scraps scallop album pages.

Since we had learned some of the animal’s names at our favorite exhibits I decided to include them here. On the tag behind the squirrel monkey there’s am additional photo plus a fun fact about the monkeys (they’re named after Star Trek characters).

What are you looking forward to this school year?


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