Tis the season…

Well I didn’t mean to go MIA for so long.  The fall craziness just kept us moving around. Little man had his birthday, I made the family Halloween costumes and then the holiday retail prep at work meant there was little time for me to post. We did keep some crafting time in the schedule but I’ll probably just share those next year when they make a reappearance.

Anyways, through out the month I want to share what makes the holidays special to us. Some are old traditions that the hubs and I brought from our own childhood and others are traditons we started in our family. 

I think I’ll start with sharing our advent calendar and some other great calendar options that I may consider adding to our home. I’m sure I’ll also visit craft ideas, a few gift ideas, possibly some food ideas and our very favorite tradition – gingerbread houses. I hope you’ll visit often, this is always my favorite time of year and I love finding new ideas to add to our repertoire.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? What makes this time of year special to you and your family? 


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