Advent Calendars

I’ve had an advent calendar for  as long as I can remember. Growing up, there was the handmade angel that mom filled with mini candy canes for my brother and I. It hung in the kitchen and I know I couldn’t wait to come home from school and get my treat and count down those days until Christmas. 

A few other years we also received German advent calendars with the little chocolate tucked behind the door. It was also these same kind of calendars that I used in the years before children. 

These days, my son (and now my daughter) use an advent calendar that I made. I created my design loosely based off a couple I had seen in stores.

The little presents at the bottom currently hold a mini ornament but they’re also big enough to tuck in a mini candy cane. I’ve considered adding a slip of paper with an activity or act of kindness suggestion to the pockets too.

Here’s a few other ideas I’ve seen that would be fun to mark the days until Christmas:

Or view all my saved Christmas ideas on Pinterest:


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