Kid-Friendly Ornaments

In between all our usual routine, we’ve been busy with some additional events. Twice a year there is a local arts festival and we always make sure to attend to check out all the great handcrafted items. This is where my parents find unique gifts for the family. I love seeing the different crafts and picking up new ideas. This year, we bought a few ornaments. A couple to give as gifts (or as gift toppers) and a couple for our own tree.

Decorating the tree has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions. It’s a time spent as a family remembering past Christmases or recalling fond memories. It’s easy for these memories to come back to us because we love to collect ornaments that symbolize something from that year (like the boots to remember the time we lived in Texas).

We also enjoy making some of our own ornaments. These are just a fun way to spend an afternoon or to relax a bit before dashing to another holiday event.

With this year’s tree theme of “active toddler” we’re trying to keep the breakable ornaments tucked away and put the not-as-fragile ones up.And we’re starting to make some new ones too! This super simple one just uses a clear ornament that we added pom poms to (we picked these fun silver and gold ones but you could go with any color).

I also made this “I spy” ornament from some tidbits that I have laying around. There’s sequins, a button charm, a bell, some miniatures, and a rhinestone. I also had a bag of fake snow but Epsom salt or rice could also be used. 

And this super cute jingle bell one we whipped up last night. I saw a shadow box frame with the phrase “Jingle all the way” and just hand wrote it onto the ornament with a sharpie. 

I’ll be back with a newer tradition we’ve added to our family. How do you decorate your tree?


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