What I really want for Christmas

I’ll just go ahead and say this is a hard post to write. I am writing this shortly after learning of a sudden loss of a friend. 

While this is not the first time I’ve experienced a loss during this time of year, and I know it may not be the last, it still has me stopping to reflect.

Dealing with a loss, especially so close to such a joyous holiday, is never going to be easy. But it does serve to remind me (and maybe others) that it’s not about the pretty wrapped presents. It’s not about getting the house pristine for visitors. It’s not about having the most or best decorations or Christmas tree. It’s about spending time with family and friends.

It reminds me of a reason that I wanted to start this blog. It’s another way for me to document my family’s life together. Because it’s not always about the special events or holidays, it’s about the everyday moments that you choose to make special too. And because I know that some of the family cannot be a part of the everyday routines, I’d like to be able to share those moments with them too. If, while I document this journey, I make new friends along the way, that only makes life that much sweeter.

So, to answer the tough question I was asked earlier this month. All I really want for Christmas is love and some extra cuddle time with my kiddos while they’re still young and innocent. ❤


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