New year’s eve has rarely been a big celebration in our household. I mean, sure, I went to the local block party with my friends when I was single. But since getting married, we’ve stayed in and had a lowkey evening. It’s actually relaxing after a fun-filled, excitement-packed Christmas season. 

For the past couple years, we’ve allowed little man to stay up until midnight. However, I can’t make it that late anymore! So we watch “Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve” and I keep myself occupied with a craft or something until the East Coast midnight. Then I crash in bed while the guys stay up the last couple hours. 

Tonight we have the same plan but we’re also going to explore our jar of memories. I started this jar at the beginning of the year to help document what we do. Plus, each family member might have a different perspective of a single event. The idea for the jar is to add a little note from the week and by the end of the year there’s an entire jar (or box or whatever you want to hold these slips of paper). I know we weren’t perfect and didn’t write one each week. But I think we may have made up for it by writing two the following week or multiple for the month in general. 

So I can’t wait to pull these little pieces of paper out and see what everyone wrote and finally learn what activities really stuck out for the others. And then let them know that we’re going to do this again this year! 

From a scrapbooker’s point of view, this is a great way for me to include another’s voice in my pages without annoying them with my questions after events or trips. 😉

Any plans tonight? What are you looking forward to most in the year?


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