Scrappy Saturday 2

*Thought I had this post scheduled but I missed the right day. So a little late but here’s this week’s pages!*

Welcome to another Scrappy Saturday! These are still from my recent month of challenges. I’m just going to jump right in! 

This layout was from a challenge to combine two templates into one. Most of this page was one and I brought over the photo space from the second template to add a little height and another photo spot. The photos were from a trip last year to Legoland in California. I’ll be using this page as an intro to the in depth photos of Miniland. It was super fun to make with the dotted paper to mimic Legos. 

The challenge here was to lift a page from another scrapper on the forums (specifically the one who posted before you). I loved the simplicity of the page with small heart cutouts. This picture is from the Garth Brooks concert. It’s rare that hubby and I get a photo together too! 

Specific instructions were given for this challenge (like put one photo in or near the center). And only so many products could be placed. So while the page isn’t necessarily my favorite, I still like how it turned out and it’s a sweet photo that takes center stage.

Ok, so this last one isn’t a page. It was an ATC (artist trading card) challenge. I have never made one, especially not digitally. I had considered trying to make one back when I was really into paper scrapbooking but just never gave it a go. And I have no idea why. This was fun! I like the ease of creating something smaller that doesn’t need to take up a lot of time or space. The cards can then be used in different ways. I could see using them as part of a pocket page. Or creating a collection to use as small art on a bookshelf. I will be definitely be revisiting this concept again.

Well I hope you enjoyed this week’s pages! Is there any that you liked? Let me know and I’ll see you around next week!


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