Memory Monday

New feature! As I find memories I remember from years past, I’ll jot down a few notes for these Memory Mondays.

As I start to prepare for baby girl’s 2nd birthday, I thought back to her party last year as well as other parties I have enjoyed over the years.

Having a party at home with homemade elements is nothing new to me. My mom was always creative in picking a theme (when my brother and I were young) or working with a theme that we picked. I remember a circus theme, my brother’s racecar theme, a princess theme. For my son, we’ve had a jungle theme, Toy Story, and pirates.

Putting together a party is no small feat. I like to mix homemade elements with store bought to save a little time (and sanity?). The specific pieces that are homemade can change from year to year, party to party. Generally though, there’s homemade decorations, and a well thought out party bag. Sometimes I get ambitious and make the cake, like my mom (almost) always did. 

This year Sweet Pea has started forming some opinions and I’ve picked a theme that coordinates with her favorite color-pink. I’ll see if I can get some of my prep work up before the party otherwise I’ll just have a big party post afterwards. 

Have you had theme parties? What was your favorite? 


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