Flamingo party prep

It’s been quite warm recently, making the choice of a flamingo party appropriate. It has a summer vibe (though we’re barely in spring). I wanted to make sure that I didn’t go too summery and I wanted to stay away from looking tropical. So no pineapples or palm trees, but fun pink florals.

I thought of starting this tradition last year. I’ll make a new number in the style of the party theme (at least for the first few years). Last year was a beautiful gold glitter 1. So with the flamingo birthday I made the 2 feathered. The base is just a basic paper mache number I got at the craft store and then painted on all sides. I glued the feathers onto the front until it looked adequately covered. I tried to keep just the stem of the feather attached but some of the first ones are completely attached.

I’m also assembling a decorative tassel garland. I found some great tissue paper at Target in the color scheme of the party. I just work on a couple tassels every night after I get the baby tucked into bed. I followed this tutorial but I have a one tip if you want to make your own. Using tissue paper, make sure to twist the center tight but gently. I nearly tore one in half while twisting. I also didn’t glue mine and it still held up well without it.

Party time coming soon! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together! 


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