Flamingo Party Time! 

It was a great party! Super simple but cute and not too overwhelming for this mama or my now 2-year-old!

Here’s a quick look at the table. Since we were having an afternoon party, we chose only to have quick bites of food and the cake. Nothing that would spoil anyone’s dinner later and not anything over the top to make either.

I shared my feathered 2 last time. Here’s how I displayed it on the table. I had this gold cake stand from holiday clearance and added a new plush flamingo to the display. It’s a great way to decorate for kids’ parties – use new or existing toys that fit the theme (and new toys are another gift for them after the party).

I hung the tassel garland up over the drink station (plus it was visible from the other rooms we were using). It turned out super cute! 

I used a couple other flamingo toys we already had and a cheap flamingo print from Hobby Lobby to finish out the decor.

The cake was simply decorated. I found a flamingo cookie cutter and used it as a mold. I centered the cookie cutter on the frosted cake and carefully sprinkled pink sprinkles. Using a toothpick, I spread the sprinkles to the edges. I made a small mistake trying to get sprinkles to the cookie cutter, so I added a light amount to the rest of the cake. Can’t even see my mistake now! 

Blush dress from Target

Well that’s a wrap! Still can’t believe my cutie is another year older. But I look forward to what this next year will bring us.


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