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Toddler girl room ideas

It’s been a little hectic over here. After birthday weekend, we had a surprise visit from some relatives. Then helping Bugs prepare for state tests and now we’re at the end of school. So I’ve got ideas for summer and projects that we might start tackling around the house. 

My little baby is growing up and it’s needing to transition into a “big girl room.” It’ll still be her room but with a makeover. So I’ve been pinning some really cute ideas. I’ll start some of the smaller projects over the summer and probably do the actual room once the temperatures start to cool off again. Plus that gives me some time to finalize what color her walls should be!

She’s already developed interests in specific characters and hobbies so I’d like to incorporate those in without having a “theme” room. They’re cute but at this age their interests can change so quickly. It’s easier to plan bigger elements that can stay and then smaller accent pieces that can easily be switched out can be more trendy or themed.  Her favorite color is pink so I know that will be a prominent color in the room but not the only color!

Flamingos – She still loves to see the flamingos so I’ll be sure to display one or two of her plush ones and hang a fun print that we had at her party. Plus it brings in that pink color! I snagged some flamingo print sheets a while back and can’t wait to use them. I also have a couple yards of flamingo print fabric that I considered for a quilt. I’m thinking now that I’ll just make some accent pillows with the fabric instead and the quilt can hopefully grow with her.

Princess – She adores Disney movies and she is our little princess so I want to give her a little dress up spot with her frilly skirts and a mirror. 

I also saw this great ideal for a reading corner – Once Upon A Time. 

Minnie Mouse – Of course, if we’re talking Disney, we also have to mention Sweet Pea’s favorite. Her Minnie pjs are her favorite and she can’t wait for them to be washed again and again! This cute bow pillow is like the Bowtique bows and would be great with a dot fabric.

I also love galley walls with some pictures, decor, and a quote to two. I think this one is pretty sweet!


Be sure to follow my Pin board for more great kids room ideas!



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