Star Art

As I mentioned before, it’s the final month of summer and I’m really going to encourage the kids to do something other than lounge around the living room. I’ve decided that all month long we’re going to have an activity of some sort. A craft project, helping in the kitchen. And I’m going to loosely theme each week. With the long holiday weekend, I’ll continue with the patriotic theme. On Wednesday, I’ll start with a full week of water or beachy themed projects. 

All summer we’ve already spent some time at the library. The relaxed schedule means we haven’t made it to storytime every week, but we’ve definitely taken the time to find some new reads, discovering authors and enjoying the variety of books.

Sometimes I get the idea to make a craft or art project based on the book we’re reading. Last week we check out Eric Carle’s Draw Me a Star. (Links for ease of viewing the book I’m talking about!) I’ve always admired his art style and want to try it myself. But since I have two craft loving kiddos, I let them have their attempt first. 

A non-nap time craft has to be simple for Sweet Pea. She loves to get her hands into anything so I keep supplies to a minimum  (aka, I don’t want a HUGE mess to clean up afterwards). Just tissue paper, glue and cardstock for this project. 

I drew a rough star shape, cut it out and used it as a stencil for the base paper. This is not entirely necessary, but i wanted to have an idea for where the star needed to be covered. I ripped up some of the tissue paper, but older kids could do this step or use scissors. We dabbed some glue onto the paper and stuck tissue paper pieces down. Just keep going until you like the look. Overlapping is fun too because it changes how one color might appear.

Finishing the star can be done a few ways. One, use the stencil as a frame, placing it over the base cardstock. It covers up the rough edges completely. Another way is to paint around the star. Bugs picked a dark blue acrylic paint and went around the edges of the star. Both look cool and now we have some new star art for these wall too!

Next up, we’ll try this easy dessert with strawberries and blueberries and celebrate the wonderful day! Happy 4th of July! 


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