No Candy Valentines 

Red and pink and hearts everywhere! It must be close to Valentine’s Day! I have a few years of getting cards put together for my son’s class and tons more ideas so I can get Sweet Pea going in a couple years too. 

Putting together classroom valentines can be fun or frustrating. At first, it was frustrating to me and to Bugs. He loved the idea that I found for a non-candy gift, but quickly grew tired of writing his name on every card! The next year I tried to spread out the task over the course of a week but even that grew tiresome for us. 

So the following year I decided to use my meager photoshop skills and used this tutorial (written for Disney autographs) and I digitally added his name to the valentines we printed. Now, Bugs only had to write his name once!

So here’s the valentines we’ve made over the past few years. Pencils on a stamped card, bookmarks, bouncy ball (name is on the back of the bag topper), and glow stick “lightsabers” (original printable here).

I’ll be back in a couple days with a roundup of creative, non-candy ideas that I have considered or may still use in future years with the next little one.

What were your favorite valentines (as a child or more recently)?

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