More non candy Valentine ideas

Good morning! Someone was asking me the other day why I choose to make non candy Valentines for the kids. Specifically, they were wondering about the cost and the time & effort.

Besides the health benefit (yikes, another sugary holiday!), I like the longevity of the item. A bouncy ball can be played with for longer than a sweet piece of candy is eaten. The cost isn’t much more than a pack of preprinted valentines. I usually make my choice of “toy” based on what’s available in the store in a bigger class size (typically 24). And since I’m conscious of the holiday approaching, I can watch for a sale if I need to.

But anyways, today I’m going to share some additional valentines with no candy that I’ve found on Pinterest. Links are to the individual blogs not the pins. 

Star Wars is still very popular so I like these bubbles (this would work with most SW cards instead of a glow stick).

The little maze is a cute idea idea. And if you or your child are not overly fond of the red & pink or hearts, there’s usually some other shapes mixed in with the party favors.

I actually did a crayon for little man’s preschool class (but was crazy and didn’t grab a photo!?) and I love these. Want to add something to the crayon? Try this little coloring card!

These straws may make an appearance in Sweet Pea’s class soon. Right now she lover straws and it’s something that is still safe for kiddos her age.

One last one. I couldn’t resist showing off this cute and super easy paper airplane valentine. Such a fun idea (though I’m sure the teacher will be glad if the class party is at the very end of the day)!

Do you have any great non candy ideas? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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